Where is Dassel anyway, and what about that corn?

Corn Palace 1941

Dassel is located in Meeker County Minnesota, just off the intersection of Highways 12 and 15. We are about 30 miles south of St Cloud, 60 miles west of Minneapolis, and 15 miles north of Hutchinson. So, we are situated in a prime location.

Dassel was platted in 1869 by the St Paul and Pacific Railroad. Our town was named after Bernard Dassel, from the city of Dassel, Germany. Bernard was given the job of secretary to the railroad by Harold Hill. Our village itself was incorporated in 1878.

Our little village grew over the years, becoming a larger town and then a city.

I’m skipping over the massive amount of history available for just now and jumping to September 28 of 1941. To the event that really grabbed my attention!

That month Dassel put on the best, very best, Seed Corn Jubilee. Our event was advertised way ahead of time. Among others The Coffee Cup Café asked that people stop in for a cup on their way to the parade. El-Mar Beauty Nook said you had better look your best, so make an appointment early for a finger wave or a fall perm. Anderson Home Brand Groceries ran Jubilee Specials and Levi Happala and Sons welcomed all to attend the Great Dassel Seed Corn Jubilee! Dassel was hopping, the seed corn capital of the world! A parade ensued; the sidewalks of town crowded with visitors to cheer on the floats, the high school bands. Jeanette Skalberg was crowned Queen of the Jubilee. Her attendants included Ruda Carlson, Dorothy Swanson, Evelyn Tormanen, and Helen Corkin.

Contests were held. In the Senior Division Lester Peel won first place with most unusual vegetable. In the Women’s Department Mrs. Oscar Dahlgren took home first place for her wonderful embroidered pillowcase. Alfred Anderson had the largest ear of corn.

This was the year of the Dassel Corn Palace, a fantastical building sided with ears of seed corn, each ear driven into place by many strong men. People came from far away to visit this masterpiece.

So, to anyone who may read this. I would love to know more, and even know if my information is totally accurate. Please feel free to comment!

Dassel is an amazing village, town, city. I am proud to live here.

3 responses to “Where is Dassel anyway, and what about that corn?”

  1. I knew where Cassel was without reading this. I was born there on the Ides of March 1931.
    Lived next to the Superentendant Carl Moe family through High School
    Now live at 23 Luther Walker Rd. Pickayune MS 39466.

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    1. Hi Jim. Thank you for writing. You must have many stories you could share. I am glad this page reached you!


  2. Re-spell Dassel not Cassel. Also Picayune not Picayune.


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