Take me out to the ball game

News that three games of the town ball state championship will be held at our Dassel Ball Park in 2022 brought visions of sunshine dancing in my head.

Paul Servin and Jeanette (Thompson) Servin
Before the game. Paul and Jeanette Servin.  Yes, I do Know it shows a Hutch jersey, but Jeanette is just too fabulous not to share

Our team, then called the Dassel Nine, started out in 1880. Baseball of the time was typically held between local teams. It was just too darn hard to travel far in those days. Dassel, though had the pleasure of being on the railroad line so our town was able to play further afield.

In 1905 the Dassel Nine became the Dassel Yellow Jackets, a fierce name indeed. With the new name came Dassel’s team’s first uniform.  Golden wool with black trim.

Between 1880 and 1900 five different ball fields were used. I have not been able to find the locations of these, but I assume they may have been rustic sites. I have read that original fields used chicken wire strung between two poles for backstops, with spectators sitting close to see the plays. The spectators would sometimes interfere with the play if it seemed it may go badly for the team they supported.

In 1901 the Dassel team moved their games to the Dassel Driving Park, a site for bicycle and horse races. This area was converted to the location that all iterations of the Ball Park has been since.

Our team has gone by 6 names. The Dassel Nine beginning in 1880, The Dassel Yellowjackets in 1905, The Red Sox in 1908, the White Sox in 1912, back to the Red Sox in 1945 and the Kernels in 1949 when Pride Hybrid financially supported the team. In 1967 Dassel and Cokato merged teams to become the Dassel Cokato Saints (the team uniforms were bought from the St Joseph team with Saints on the uniform) our team has been called this since.  As a side

Dassel White Sox
                     Dassel White Sox

note, we did have another team from 1993-1994 called the DC Mudcats.

The history of our team is amazing, just as the history of our town. As always, I look forward to learning more.


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