And the dogs led her home

On January 26, 2021, a new business opened in our town.

Dassel Dog Parlor.

Owner Christine Godding from Elk River, Minnesota started grooming dogs at the age of 19. A friend suggested she work at Petco. Christine thought, “Yes! I get to play with dogs all day!” She quickly learned that there was more to it than playing. She received training working with groomers and continuing education classes. Always having a long commute to work, she decided to open her own business. She had moved to Cokato in 2016 and thought to open a shop there. However, Cokato had a groomer. Opening in Dassel was the logical choice. Groomers here were retiring, so she opened her own shop on Atlantic Avenue. Since opening she has become a vital member of the Dassel downtown business association. Christine participates in every planned event and came in second place for her wonderful Christmas display. She also is an enthusiastically talented groomer. Reviews have her as patient, attentive, talented, and kind.

I can specifically attest to her skill having had my wild woman Betty groomed by her. I had my doubts and practically ran from the building after dropping Betz off. I came back to a very lovely slightly behaved young woman.
The other day Christine’s mom discovered a Dassel link to her family. Christine’s fourth Grandfather Rev. William Maynard was one of the founding members of Dassel, Minnesota
Sarah (Parsons) Maynard moved to the area about 1866 from Kentucky. He was one of the organizers of Swan Lake Township and elected justice of the Peace along with Andrew Davidson that year. The reverend along with the Reverend James Sellard held the first Christian service in what was once the small community of Steelsville at the Grove Church. That church was moved farther north and became the Gethsemane Church of Dassel. A commemorative marker now stands at the old cemetery The Rev Maynard and Sarah Maynard had 8 children; Son George became a distinguished member of Dassel society on his own. The reverend officiated the wedding of one of his daughters (Oma)Naomi Maynard to Marion Crider. They had children including John Crider, who had a daughter named Naomi, who had a son named Wesley Godding, who had a son named Robert Godding who had a daughter…Christine Godding. So, I guess, after this long progression, we can say that the dogs led Christine home.
We are so glad she came. Check out her business if you have a dog that needs a grooming. You will be delighted!
P.S. Oh my gosh!! If you want to see amazing pictures of dogs, if adorable dogs are your thing, check out her Facebook page.
Dassel Dog Parlor
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